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design studio that works on product development
and projects guided by curiosity and experimentation

Estúdio RAIN was created in 2015 by product designer Mariana Ramos (b. 1986) and architect Ricardo Innecco (b.1986). Their work comprehends a variety of projects, both self-initiated and collaborative. The duo was born and studied in Brasília, Brazil’s capital city, being influenced by an urban and architectural modernist context. The abundance of empty spaces, the urban monumentality, and the sculptural character of the buildings that permeate their hometown are all reflected in Rain’s vocabulary.

Their shared interest in the investigation of materials and production processes has always guided their work, often being the starting point for their creations or a foundation for developing their ideas. This can be seen in their projects’ different materials and techniques – which often combine traditional and rudimentary methods with digital production. Over time, the studio developed its own language, where formal simplicity and constructive accuracy create visual narratives that, even when complex, have a lightness to their synthesis. Beyond sharing interests, Mariana and Ricardo complement each other’s skills in both management and design, so that the result of their work is always collaborative. More than subjectivities, they believe in a diverse approach to design, whether industrial or artistic – which results in a wide-ranging approach, where freedom, curiosity and debate set the tone for creation.

Recently, the studio has been expanding their practice by exploring new contexts and scales, taking on more commissioned projects and spatial interventions, such as installations and scenography projects. They also work with architecture and interior design studios to create custom pieces.

The workshop is set in a warehouse in Barra Funda, an old industrial district in downtown São Paulo which is experiencing a growing artistic occupation. The space has a strong influence on their way of working, functioning as an office, workshop, and eventually hosting studio exhibitions.

To our current and former collaborators:

Guilherme Pimenta (designer); Pedro Galdino (commercial); Jean Mazé (architect); Maxime Chardon (designer); Marion Bernardi (designer); Camille Metayer (designer); Valentina Di Sisto (designer); Bruna Von Sperling (architect); Poliana Pieratti (communication); João Noberto (graphic); Maria Thereza Moss (translation); Giu Ramaglia (photographer); Alex Batista (photographer)

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