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design studio that works on product development
and projects guided by curiosity and experimentation

The window shows a staircase that comes out of the suitcase, referencing the search for the unknown and the attempt to reach increasingly distant places. The long spiraled staircase leads to a planetoid, alluding to the greatest adventures and conquests of the human kind and the most incredible places we have ever reached. Along with the staircase, Hermès products also come out of the suitcase, with a selection of pieces that dialogue with the traveler’s narrative.

Small figures of travelers and explorers ascend the long stairway, while others approach the path. There is a game of scale, in which the only objects in real size are the products that assume the role of imaginary objects, emphasizing the dreamy character of the event. The surrealistic scene is located in the same desert setting, in reference to the new lands and surrounded by a wide horizon.

Scenography (window display)