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The Porto collection has simple, rounded lines inspired by the anchorage elements of ports. The feeling of weight and the scale of the anchorages guide the design of the pieces, which touch the ground on large supports, bringing an aspect of serene stability to the furniture.

With unique supports, the auxiliary tables balance the solidity of the base with the ease of handling. A bench, a low shelf and a sideboard make up a second feature of the project, supported by just two support points with the necessary diameter for stability. The collection also features a dining table with a circular top and three cylindrical bases, expanding the use of the line to other contexts.

Ebonized Tauarí solid wood and felxible plywood laminated
High auxiliary table – L45 W25 H45 cm
Low auxiliary table – C60 L33 H34 cm
Console – L130 W32 H80 cm
Dining table – D160/180/200 H74 cm
Bench - L170/190/210 W40 H40 cm
Low Shelf – L190/220/240 W33 H120cm
Natural oak / ebonized
Giu Ramaglia

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