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Orbe is an indirect light table lamp, designed to provide soft lighting to the environment. The piece has a simple structure, composed of the minimum necessary for its functionality: the front box houses the light source and gives the weight that supports the set; the conical-shaped plate has the function of reflecting the light gradually, creating a shade of shadow that envelops its volume; the back support gives stability to the garment and completes its silhouette. Each of these elements is marked by the use of different colors and finishes that seek to emphasize the precise constitution of the Orbe luminaire.

Its name alludes to the aesthetics of the object, given by the conjunction of the geometric design with its metallic finishes and matte colors. At the same time, the circular reflector that surrounds the frontal totem sets up a kind of aura. It can resemble either a classic piece full of symbolism, or a technological instrument with a futuristic character.

Brass and aluminium
L40 W12 H55 cm
Blue and silver / Red and black / Graphite and gold / Green and silver / Off-white and gray / Black and silver / Yellow and off-white
Giu Ramaglia / Alex Batista

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