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The Ferrão Lamps are composed of a metalic body with a reduced diameter and sharp tips, referring to the image of a sting. The spike-shaped ends give the pieces tension, but also serenity, as it turns it into a line that disappears smoothly in the environment.

The aim was to create a design that does not strive for attention, yet draws the eye for its delicacy. The thin shape seeks a synthetic and precise existence: beauty is right in the subtlety of the form. The Collection is composed of a wall lamp and a pendant made in aluminium. The lamps have a rotating body, which allows directing the light source to the walls or to the environment, creating a direct or indirect ilumination.

210 cm - L210 D4 cm
180 cm - L180 D4 cm
150 cm - L150 D4 cm
Chromed / textured black paint / textured white paint
Giu Ramaglia

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