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The Arco lamps are made from a prolonged section of circle that stands out for the discontinuity of its shape. The collection is made up of light fixtures that seem to penetrate the surfaces they touch, gently illuminating them.

Designed as an offshoot of the 2015 Chains limited series, the Arco collection becomes a focus for experimentation with textures among the Estúdio's collections. Its first version has polished stainless steel and golden finishes, referring to the metal of the original series. Then the range expanded with a matte black finish, alluding to rubber. And in its latest edition, it brings two new materialities: terracotta and ivory, which make reference to the ceramic finish, whether earthy or vitreous. The collection is made up of a table lamp and a wall light whose light focus frames the silhouette of the pieces, highlighting the texture of the material.

Stainless Steel
Table lamp – L31 x W7 x H37 cm
Wall light - L31 x W7 x H19 cm
Textured black / Glossy ivory / Terracotta / Polished stainless steel / Gold
Giu Ramaglia

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