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is a Brazilian design studio whose practice comprehends products
and projects guided by curiosity and experimentation

The Solida series’ main characteristic is the synthetic character of its design – irregular and symmetrical curves – contrasted with the use of natural material. Each piece in the collection is composed of two or three similar volumes of different dimensions, which, when superimposed, create a balanced relationship with each other. In some cases, the base of the pieces is slightly wider than the top and, in others, the supports are positioned beyond the limit of the upper block, being partially apparent, in order to reveal its shape.

The series has different typologies – two tables, a bench and a stool – whose curves appear in the different volumes, establishing cohesion for the whole. Designed and produced by digital processes, the solid material is sculpted with precise contours that give the pieces a serene appearance.

Solid wood
Center table – L190 W60 H30 cm
Center table - L105 W110 H20 cm
Bench - L182 W47 H38 cm
Stool - L46 W28 H35 cm
Garapeira wood with matte varnish
16 units + 2 AP (per model)
Giu Ramaglia / Alex Batista

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