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Ricino F is an offshoot of the research into the plant-based polymer made of castor oil. In the Rícino series, the first resulting from the research, large blocks with angular shapes and an amber translucent appearance constitute light filters. In the F series, in the opposite direction to the previous one, thin resin membranes are created freely in order to find a new materiality.

The resin meshes are produced through a simple pouring, giving rise to a kind of skin-like fabric that makes it possible to work with the material's malleability. In addition, the inclusion of air in the polymer's catalyzing process results in a foamy appearance - full of tiny bubbles - making it work not only as a filter, but also as a light diffuser.

The series consists of a floor lamp, a pendant and sconces whose structures are made up of solid aluminum rods which, juxtaposed and interspersed with the meshes, create domes that enclose the linear lighting of the pieces.

In some models, the resin membrane exceeds the back edge of the structure, highlighting its irregular shape and giving each fixture a unique appearance. This feature creates the individualization of the designs and presents the central expression of the project.

Plant resin filter and aluminum structure
Floor lamp – L30 W30 H175 cm
Pendant – L165 W6 H20 cm
Large wall light – L13 W4.5 H95 cm
Small wall light – L11 W4.5 H45 cm
Aluminum with matte varnish
24 units + 2 PA (per model)
Giu Ramaglia

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